P.O Box 1464, Mwanza, Tanzania
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Our Programs

Our focus is on provision of health services, health research and environmental sustainability and health through developing programs to deal with various public health challenges within Mwanza Region and Tanzania at large.

Community First Response Project

Tanzania Rural Health Movement, in collaboration with Trek Medics International, launched a pre-hospital care service using SMS-based emergency medical dispatching software called “Beacon”. This software was specifically designed for communities that cannot afford advanced dispatching technologies. By relaying an SMS from the scene of an emergency to trained responders throughout the community, the software enables the nearest available emergency care providers to quickly locate, treat and transport emergency victims to local hospitals.


Save Children Medical Outreach deals with provision of free health care services including wound nursing care and wound care education to the street connected children residing in Mwanza City. Save Children Medical Outreach recruits medical student volunteers to provide health care services every Saturday at Rock Beach and Nela street area.

Community Elective Students Program

This program fits international and local medical students interested to explore community health care through our programs. It provides broad range of skills and experiences related to health care outside the hospital. To apply email infotrhm@gmail.com

Medical Dispensary Program

We are envisaging a health dispensary which will be key to ensure we practice street medicine in our setting through early intervention of diseases at no cost, thus avoiding complications due to the patients' inability to pay for medical aid. The dispensary will provide clinical services such as wound management, treatment of common infections such as Urinary Tract Infections, testing for infectious diseases such as HIV, basic health research, a pharmacy for basic medicines.

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Health Services

We work on raising health awareness and promoting health services in Mwanza Region through developing lifesaving programs and increasing access of healthcare services among under-served communities.

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Health Research and Innovation

In collaboration with other partners, we work on finding public health challenges through conducting researches and developing innovative programs to serve the communities in Mwanza Region.

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Environmental Sustainability and Health

We work on developing ideas within the communities on various methods to explain the importance of the environmental conservation in maintaining good health in the communities.