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Mwanza Community First Response Project.

Lead Partner-Trek Medics International (NY, USA)

Tanzania Rural Health Movement (MZ, TZ)

Background: BEACON is an SMS/App-based emergency medical dispatching software designed specifically for communities that cannot afford advanced dispatching technologies. By relaying an SMS from the scene of an emergency to trained responders throughout the community, the software enables the nearest available emergency care providers to quickly locate, treat and transport emergency victims to local hospitals.

Purpose: Beacon was designed to improve access to rapid emergency care and expedited transport for people with life- or limb-threatening illness and injury.

Mwanza Community First Response Project was launched in late November 2015 in partnership with Fire and Rescue Force-Mwanza after two months recruitment and training of community first responders from Bodaboda Drivers, Police Traffic and firefighters. Since launching this project has been impressive to Mwanza communities as they can assess a free lifesaving services at free of charge within 10 minutes after calling 114 a toll free number.

Mwanza Community First Response Project attracted international attention and was featured on CNN’s Vital Signs with Dr.Sanjay Gupta, BBC News and DW Radio with Ross Velton together with The MainPost with Ramona Seitz also got featured in various local news and media.

The Desk and Chair Foundation donated a Three-wheel ambulance to support transport of patients from Scene to the nearby facility in Mwanza. Currently we are working on campaign to sensitize Mwanza communities to call 114 to ask for help during emergencies instead of taking photos.